Daryl Yisheen Lavin

I was born at 8:04 am on July 26, 2006

Birth stats: 6 lbs, 2 oz, 19 1/2 inches

My middle name (毅忻): "Yi" (毅) means "determined," and "sheen" ("xin" or 忻) means "happy."


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Immediately after I escaped through a tiny hole in my mom's body, the people who grabbed me before I could flee gave me a test. I got 9 out of 10. They gave me the same test a few minutes later, and I still couldn't figure out how to get a perfect score. I was frustrated until I later heard the doctor say virtually no baby gets a perfect score on the APGAR (Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration). After the stress of scoring only 9, I sure hope this is the last test I have to take in my life!

Me resting comfortably in my mom's arms:

Relaxing in style. Suntan lotion, anyone?

You can never sleep too much!

That's my "waipo" (mom's mom)! She's cool.

My dad takes a break from snapping pictures:

Guess who's napping again

Looks like I'm kissing mommy, but I'm really searching for food:

You've got to burp!

I got hungry preparing to leave the hospital:


My parents wrap me up like a burrito! (I worry because my dad LOVES burritos)

But I sometimes struggle to freedom:

No flash, please, daddy! I'm sleeping

My crib has a sweet view. I wonder whether they'll put me on "MTV Cribs"!

I don't sleep ALL the time. Sometimes I just rest

Like my dad, I get cranky when I'm hungry:

Sometimes I open my eyes

And sometimes I hide them

Waipo is already trying to teach me things

But I don't pay much attention, so they let me sleep

I'll let you in on a secret... Daddy's a fun place to sleep

I could relax here all day!


My cousin Brodie Hefner came to chat with me

And Brodie's friend Annie held me nicely (she's a mom, so she knows all the tricks)

I went outside for the first time and relaxed in my bug-proof comfy chair

...while everyone ate a great meal Brodie and Annie cooked on our new grill!

Thanks for visiting! I'm going to sleep now...


I've got many colorful toys and a mobile I'm beginning to appreciate!

I call the help whenever I need something, and they come running:

When they satisfy my every need, I reward them with this...

...but when they don't, I give them this:

My mommy is also my cafeteria!

Oh, the paparazzi are back. Now I know how Lady Di felt

Mommy's whispering secrets

Waipo's trying to calm me down, but I'm giving her the "I'm hungry" sign:

What can I say? The ladies just love me

My parents say I look like "Buddha boy." What do you think?

When people are talking, I pretend to sleep so I can hear what they say about me

I'm probably dreaming about more food:

Still probably thinking about food

Don't you just love bellies? So soft and warm!

I cried for more food, but all they would give me was that darn bottle, so I went on a hunger strike.


Relaxing in the chair Uncle Eric, Aunt Kelly, and cousins Colin and Spencer sent

This chair's great. Music. Vibration. Massage. What more could a guy want? Thanks!

Sleeping on Daddy

Up close and personal

Stylin' in my "Little All Star" outfit

I'm John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever"!

John Travolta again, but shirtless!

I check out my friend Panda while Mommy changes me

I make everyone so happy. That friendly white-haired gentleman is my grandfather, Waigong


Mommy's showing me off

"Celestial Bear" mittens from my Chinese grandparents; Mickey reading a book from my American grandparents

After the Patriots outscored their last two preseason opponents 71-3, I fell asleep making "touchdown" signs

Waigong and Waipo have great taste, so they spend lots of time admiring me:

Hanging out on Mommy

Oh, hi! I didn't see you there

Got to run! Hungry! Must eat!


My shirt's letting everyone know I'm "The Boss"!

Chillin' on my comfy chair

Daddy, PLEASE stop using the flash!

"The Boss" (that's me!) sitting on my other favorite "chair"

Wearing my doggie shirt. I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog, so it's very appropriate

I began smiling today, but I didn't let Daddy get any good photos. Check back soon

I guess this is what "half awake" means

I'm having fun with Daddy's cousin Meg, who couldn't resist paying me a visit after dropping her daughter Jane at Wesleyan

Daddy with Meg's son Bryce, who studies economics and computer science at Swarthmore

Mom talks grown-up stuff with Meg while I recover from all the excitement

See? Don't I look comfy?


Modeling my truck shirt

Researching my mobile

When I sleep comfortably, I let Mommy cut my nails

In fact, when I'm asleep, you can do pretty much anything to me and I'll ignore you

My arms and legs are getting chubby

It's harder to get comfortable without a belly, but I do OK

I think I look pretty happy

My Mommy takes great care of me

This is why my 'rents call me "Chubby Cheeks"

Please find your own belly! I found this one first

Waiting for my poop removers

The poop removal waiting room is quite plush


Waigong can't resist my charm

Someone keeps waving their hand in front of my face

Daddy's still trying to catch me smiling, and I'm still playing coy

Just me being cute again

My Mommy's quite proud of me...

...and you can see why

I like to keep my Mommy entertained

Mommy seems to enjoy this finger game

My waipo spoils me rotten. I'm a Little Emperor!

I think I was thinking, "Oobala Woobala!"

Talk about a close-up!

At least Daddy didn't use a flash today


I'm wearing my new Patriots socks, and the Pats won their first game!

Patriots socks make me so comfortable!

Watching the bears from my new portable crib

These bears are so cool. They go in a circle!

Posing in the Pooh shirt Grammar (my grandmother) sent me

Wondering what preceded the Big Bang...

I'm growing accustomed to these warm baths

I love drying off after a relaxing bath!

I poop a lot

Expressing my displeasure

A flying elephant! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!

Flying elephants are cool!


I'm telepathic! I use my mind, and these fingers (sometimes) do what I say!

Want a hug?

As my telepathy improves, I'll figure out how to grab that colorful giraffe!

This could be my mummy costume for Halloween

Except at night, I INSIST on sleeping on people

These people ENJOY making me look ridiculous!

I'm picking up good vibrations (from this chair)

After a rain storm, the air's refreshing

Gosh, this camera makes me look fat!

I hope Team Daryl has been lifting weights!

Quiet, please. I'm napping.


Observing the strange behaviors all around me

Napping on mommy

We both fell asleep for quite a while after this photo

My mommy's so wonderful!



Waiting with daddy before my misery began. (The doctor weighed me at 13 lbs, 2 ozs.)

The nurse talks sweetly, but she's planning to stab me four times!

I have NO idea what kind of torture this is

Another test! Will my head crash into my chest?

Several days later, I've survived whatever poison they put in those four shots

I love "walking" all around the neighborhood. Sometimes I look around, and sometimes I fall asleep


Surrounded by love!

Got mommy's nose!

Grasping and holding!

Melting the world with my smile:

Showing off my chubby cheek

Playing with mommy:

That darn camera often flashes in my eyes. I'm watching you, Daddy

Chubby chin(s):

Hugh Hefner

Relaxing during poop removal

Getting suited up

Lounging in my plush Hugh Hefner outfit (see the bunny?)

They force me onto my belly and make me lift my head

Mommy needed help falling asleep, so I held her hand

Daddy can't keep his hands off of me

Silly me

Hanging outside with mommy

Mommy had to kiss me because I was too cute

Why does Daddy always point this camera thingamajigy at me?

Sleeping on my Waipo

Checking something out

Still studying whatever it is

Visiting Virginia's Shenandoah mountains

We spent a whole week enjoying color!

Isn't this pretty?

I like red the best

The entrance to our get-away

We played miniature golf!

They seemed to enjoy themselves

Daddy seized this photo op with me next to the golf course

Then Mommy decided to get in on the action too


Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park

I've never seen anything prettier! ...Of course, I'm only 12 weeks old

We drove 100+ miles of this!

Home again, baby! (or should I write "Home again baby"?)

Reminiscing about our trip, I'm all smiles

Just looking cute

Soaking up what's left of the fall

My new Bumbo chair says 3-14 months, but I'm already nearly getting stuck inside!

Playing the musical caterpillar with mommy

Waiting patiently to be taken somewhere fun and exciting

Visiting my great grandmother (dad's dad's mom), Grace Lavin

Everywhere I go, I make people happy!

"Nana" and I held hands while I rested my head on her lap

She turns 95 this month. I'll be 95 in 2101!

Out back with Waipo

When you hold me, please turn around constantly so I can see everything

My grandparents, uncle and cousins come from Charlotte, NC to meet me

Uncle Eric passes my stare test as Grammar looks on!

Uncle Eric shows me off to Grammar

Hanging out with my big cousin Colin

Grumpy has a REALLY soft belly!

Climbing on Uncle Eric as Grumpy watches

Having fun with my cousin Spencer:

Relaxing on my Grammar

I squealed with joy and made everyone laugh

I should become a stand-up comic... once I learn to stand up

My new Exersaucer (Thanks to mommy and daddy's friends Maggie & Tim!)

Every day I get a little better at this

I'm figuring it out


Whispering a secret to my friend Muffles

Mr. Muffles is very tasty

My mom's cousin Xiaohong comes to visit

I'm all smiles when I'm held by the ladies!

With Xiaohong and Waipo

Eating Daddy's hair

I'm tall!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm... hair

Being Patriotic

Wearing my Sunday finest with daddy as we wait for game time

Showing off the stylish designer threads our good friends Andy and Tanya sent me

Cute enough for you?

Being nice, not naughty, before Christmas

Playing with mommy

Showing off my head-lifting talent

Getting tickled

More horsin' around with mommy

Still being silly

Have you been taking pictures, Daddy?

Grammar and Grumpy come back for more irresistable me

Grumpy (my dad's dad) acting silly like my dad

I aced the Finger Test!

Check out this great Patriots outfit Daddy got me for Christmas!

Month Six: January

This sneaky penguin rolls and spins all over the table

The boy in my mirror is almost as cute as I am!

During the day, they make me drink from the darn bottle

I don't recall what I was thinking here, but I sure looked cute!

I'm really quite the dancer!

The best part about reading a book is grabbing the pages

Trying to figure out this swallowing thing

How am I doing?

I really have to concentrate

Getting a manicure while I sleep (the only time I'll sit still for a manicure)

The cleaning crew at work

Ready for a trip to the doctor (My excitement is written all over my face)

My lamb is very soft

Month Seven: February

Reading Barron's

Are you spying on me, Daddy?

I can't believe what I'm reading!

Flashing my charming smile


Me in front of photos of me

My proud grandparents are showing me off again!

Mommy had to get in on the action

Just relaxing... Youth's not wasted on me

Daddy had to raise my Exersaucer to its highest setting!

Preparing to throw Rubber Ducky off the Exersaucer. (I love throwing things off and having the big people hand them back)

I'm eating like a pro now

Mmmmmm. Sweet potato

I'm a bit larger than last time you saw me in this chair, eh?

Do you like my green (?) eyes?

I must carefully inspect everything

Month Eight: March

Reading with Mommy

One + four = a cat???

Mommy's brushing up on her addition

Enjoying the 75-degree weather on the patio... just before the foot of sleet hit us

Oh yeah, I'm standing!

At this rate, I'll be dunking on Daddy soon

Whoever invented applesauce deserves a Medal of Freedom

Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?

Life is like a cabinet full of baby food... You never know what you're going to get

Oh, the food's supposed to go IN my mouth?

Boy, have I got egg on my face

Daddy often dances me to sleep before my morning and afternoon naps

I like to grab whatever I can... ears, glasses, nose, mouth

Sometimes Mommy gets in on the dancing action

But I can rough her up too

But I'm normally a sweetheart

Aren't I a darling?

Sometimes I get excited when Daddy takes my picture

Maracas madness!

In my new highchair

I can be cute just about anywhere!

Month Nine: April

Wearing my fire trucks & police cars outfit

If I were running, I'd be going REALLY fast!

I'm skydiving (or just being silly)

Relaxing on a beautiful day at the Bronx Zoo

Flashing my winsome smile

Being dramatic

Clapping my hands on command

Doing my signature lip scrunch

Daddy took me to meet the panda bear

He thought I was really great, so he patted my head

Daddy wore a silly hat

I wiped myself out at the zoo

Taking my grandparents for a walk

I let them push me so they get some exercise

Playing with my friends Lion and Bear

Want to play with us?

Happy guy

Daddy (usually) carries me where I want to go

(Odd) family portrait

Don't mess with me. I know kung fu!

I'm also a goofy face expert

I love playing outside

With a crowd of admirers, I'm a clown

Trying out my new teeth!

Mommy loved the carousel. I wasn't quite sure what to think

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is "Big Papi." I'm "Little Papi"!